Carpenter Coaching

Rachel, National Trust, former client

I went into coaching because whilst my performance at work has been consistently good, I had not been able to progress upwards due to an ingrained lack of confidence. Helen’s compassion, perception and intuition showed me a picture of myself I had never seen before.


I had thought I was very self-aware, but Helen gave me the tools to see deeper into who I really am, and the dynamics of how my personality can sabotage my growth. Helen helped me connect to my authentic talents and use the things that really make me happy to develop my confidence and development at work I now feel much more “present” and content with who I am, and have just secured a new, senior role – no coincidence I am sure!


I would highly recommend Helen, if you have the courage to dig deep and unearth your real potential.


Louise, former client

Helen's coaching underpins the way I approach day-to-day life these days. I went to her with an idea that our sessions would help me grow in my job, and overcome the tasks that I find difficult to deal with, both emotionally and practically. What I actually discovered alongside this is that the person I bring to work is also reflected in the person I am at home. Regardless of any professional or personal division, there are tools and mechanisms to deal with puzzles and difficult situations I now use that permeate my whole life.


Helen helped me discover the knotty complexities that make up 'me', and helped me overcome the things that have prevented me from setting real goals. She has left me with a resilience to cope and grow that was hidden before.







I feel very fortunate to have been part of a team lead by Helen for the past year – in my first graduate role, I really appreciated the time which Helen set aside for me, and all members of the team. As a part of Helen's team, I have been well supported in my work and provided with many opportunities for both personal and skills-based development. I particularly appreciated and learnt a lot from the training which Helen provided, both to the team and tailored to me as an individual, to improve our abilities in areas such as resilience, handling difficult conversations, assertiveness and much much more.


Hannah, NSPCC

Helen was my manager on and off for two years, but more than that she was the biggest advocate for my professional and most importantly, my personal development from the day I met her. She created an environment where I felt comfortable sharing anything with her, and knew she wouldn’t judge me or jump down my throat. She taught me a lot about empathy in the workplace and how honesty and humanity can get you far.





"It was such a privilege to work with Helen. At all times I found her to be honest, dependable and dedicated to getting the best for everyone on our team. She was such a huge support to everyone, both professionally and personally." Colleague, NSPCC



Carlos Saba, Happy Start Up School

Helen has lovely calm manner to her and made me feel completely at ease.


She gently nudged me in the right way to get me thinking about the questions that really matter. By creating a safe space for me to explore these thoughts I was able to get clarity as to what was getting in my way and how I could remove these blocks.


Caroline, NSPCC

Helen has the most effective leadership style that I have experienced. She has a real skill in seeing each person she manages as an individual and so enables everyone to develop their strengths as well as working with them to address which skills they want to gain or improve.