Carpenter Coaching

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I am a certified integral development coach which means that I study coaching and adult development extensively. Integral coaching leaves nothing out and is a wonderful opportunity to take a deep breath and tackle issues that can just feel too difficult to tackle on your own. It gets results.


I offer coaching to help people understand the possibilities there are for their life and work.


To do this I help people face the things they find most difficult and practise ways of tackling them. I help them see what they just couldn't see on their own, and take actions that they just couldn't take on their own.


I build individual programmes for everyone I work with - in a business or personal context. These programmes will help you work towards your own personal goals.


Contact me now to arrange your free, no obligation, introductory session. I am based in Brighton and also work in the London area.


How it works


  • Session One - Free, no obligation, introductory session

  • Session Two - I learn about you and the issues you are coming to me with in much more depth

  • Session Three - I present you with your individual programme. This includes your aims and some reflections and practices that you can take to help you towards your aim

  • Session Four - onwards - we reflect on what you have discovered, progress towards your goal and agree further practical actions you can take. We continue to review your programme